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Minyaan, A Philanthropic Methodology

“Such an interesting useful skill, so different and so intrinsically connected, how
could anyone choose to remain ignorant and still continue to thrive as a socio
economic worm!”

 One fine Sunday morning, I found myself thinking, it could be dangerous though
overwhelmed with the thought of taking it forward, the approach with a level of
recognition… I recollected these lines..

 “I Could not wait for success, so I went ahead without it. “
~Jonathan Winters

There was a time when my hands were empty doing nothing. Expectancy with
deliverable is a great tool but how! Landing up with passionate approach makes
sense and the idea of charity started developing then. Gradually I started engaging
myself for teaching the poor. Though not sure about the prodigious philanthropic
approach, one thing I realized that these are the kids whom the very conventional

approach required and mandatory. The kids of farmers, they have to join hands
with their parents so also come to the class and learn. The parents I felt are very
proud of saying my child is going to school… Aren’t we responsible towards the

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