Charity v Spirituality

Our fourth instinct knows better. There is an African proverb “When the right hand washes the left, the right gets cleansed too”. Healing ourselves, making ourselves whole by helping others, is not that easy. Transcending ourselves, our problems, cares and fears, but also our pleasures, hopes and joys is at the heart of the Fourth Instinct!

“Charity begins at home” is the cliché too often used to justify doing nothing for others until one’s own problems have been solved. In every major religion giving and service mark the path to a world in which we are no longer strangers.

Let’s practice few things today:-
a. God is a Verb – Every morning put a small coin\rupee in a place where you can reach it quickly. Next, drop that in a box later handover or give it to the needy.
b. Transcendental – Abstract, try to connect with all in fact with everything near you and surrounding.
c. Generosity – Build giving into your daily choices. When you go out for expensive dinner, put a note of giving that you will contribute a bit you spend today.
d. Team up – Get others to join you in giving.
e. Collection to – Try to collect fundraising letters from charities. Set aside some time every month to read about the work or activities they do and work for them.

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