August 10, 2023

Renovation of Venunagar Govt School Bangalore

Minyaan Foundation in the month of August 2023 visited Venunagar Government School, Bangalore and found that the students are inhaling moisture caused due to the dampness of walls caused with the poorly maintained school walls, post the rainy season.

Our team decided to conduct a road show there by raising funds to paint the school. The same day we were able to locate one sponsor and in a week’s time the work got completed. It was a great relief to see the happy faces of children, Teachers and the Head of the school.

October 10, 2022

Deaddiction session at GHS Mulanthuruthy School

As drug usage in adolescent population carries a higher risk in schools, our visit to schools in Kerala
influenced not only children but their parents too. Minyaan visited Govt. High School Mulanthuruthy to conduct De-Addiction session for approximately 250 children. The session got inspired by many and was published in a leading daily newspaper called Malayala Manorama.

The overwhelmed parents and children made the session more interactive than expected. Parents were amazingly influenced and kids were cautioned.
It was nice to see the teachers and HM along with the parents. Minyaan concluded the session with a vote of thanks speech by the HM of the school. Whole time Director Mr T Haridasan Nair was present to motivate the crowd. Mr V Murali (Retired Excise Health Inspector) and Mr Satyan (Secretary JS) among others to give speech.

September 10, 2022

Deaddiction session at GJBS School

Minyaan Foundation recently visited for a De-Addiction session in GJBS government school in
Kandanad, Kerala. The session was phenomenal and all the parents were amazingly influential with the realities mentioned. Kids were cautioned with the strangers and their behaviours so also the learnings.
It was nice to see the teachers and HM along with the parents. Minyaan concluded the session with
the vote of thanks speech by the HM of the school. Whole time Director Mr T Haridasan Nair was present to motivate the crowd.

April 10, 2022

World Health Day 2022

World Health Day draws attention to a major subject globally. During this pandemic the whole world
struggled with Covid 19 and Omicron, worsening the situation to health hazards like weaknesses,
fatigue etc. Post pandemic, with an increase in diseases and health issues, one can see how polluted
the planet is!

In view of this and to increase the level of oxygen in the air, Minyaan Foundation thought of taking
few small steps by distributing and planting saplings this time. The mission was to clear air pollution
thus preventing diseases due to contamination.

A set of our panel members decided to take such initiatives in possible areas and successfully
completed planting useful trees in and around them with the help of family members and school kids.
This is a commendable job indeed!

January 24, 2022

Vishva Hindu Parishat- Old Age Home

On 24th January, 2022, as the year started, Minyaan Foundation decided to visit Old age home at Vishva Hindu
Parishat Mulanthuruthy, Ernakulam, Kerala. When we approached them, initially the matron was a bit reluctant
but later realized the concept and, then immediately called out for everyone. It was an incredible experience!

There were approximately fifteen widows and all were happy with the service provided. We decided to explain
the pros and cons of Covid\Omicron cases outside and also explained the benefits of taking the immunity tablets.
The tablets were handed over to the Old age home person in-charge. Considering to improve their immunity
towards this pandemic like Covid 19 and Omicron, the in-charge promised to supply the same to them on a regular
basis. The VHP Kerala State General Secretary, Mr. Rajashekharan was also present and received 300 tablets
supplied by Minyaan Foundation. He further handed over few of them to Mr. Vinod, Administrator Swami
Vivekananda Cultural Society, Kochi, Kerala so that it can be distributed further to the needy.

No words for the sense of gratification we felt today by meeting those old people! Happy to reach out in bits to
the needy!

January 11, 2022

Arya Anoop, 10 year old with a congenital disease

In the month of September 2021 we came to know that the child Arya Anoop, a girl aged 10 years of a widow in
Kochi, Kerala, was suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta which her mother also has suffered. She showed
similar symptoms of her mother like short stature, shortening of both upper and lower limbs, anterior bowing of
forearm and feet etc.

MF decided to visit and authenticate, in order to provide some help to the widow who has joined a facility team
and is a single breadwinner. One of our member in Kochi visited the place and found Arya could not walk without
support and was using a wheel chair. She is good at her studies and gets good marks in mathemathics.

Anoop, her father was an auto driver and was suffering from Kidney problem. Later he got infected with Covid
19 and passed away in 2021 itself. Now his parents are also with Shashikala, Arya’s mother. Due to all these
problems and congenital issues, none of the NGOs were keen to help them. MF started to help Shashikala by
providing for Arya’s treatment in Amrita hospital, Kochi. Later with the medications, she started to show better

This year we met her on 11 th January 2022 and we found that she was able to walk, talk with confidence and
was very cheerful. She was walking without support!

We call it as a medical miracle! The team was so grateful to God and it brought us immense happiness.

December 24, 2021

Vitamin Supplements at Melarkodu Panchayat

On 24 th December 2021 Minyaan Foundation got an opportunity to distribute immunity tablets to Covid
affected families in Melarkodu Health Centre Panchayat at Palakkad Kerala. This health centre reported
5000+ Covid affected cases during the peak of this pandemic.

MF Director Ms Sarada Madhavan handed over the immunity tablets to the Panchayat President Ms. Valsala in
the presence of the vice president Mr Mansoor Ali, MF founder Ms Mrinalini Haridas and Director Mr. Tharoor
Haridasan Nair. Among others present were Health centre doctor, Asha workers and few team members of
Minyaan Foundation. As per the recent reports Omicron a variant of Covid 19 is worsening the situation again
hence, we thought of distributing immunity tablets to the needy.

The medicines provided will be distributed through Ashaworker’s and it’s a relief!

Novermber 17, 2021

GHP – Primary section – Hulimavu Bangalore

Children are more likely to live in poverty than adults. They are also more vulnerable to its effects like food,
sanitation, shelter, health and education. Lack of awareness is one of the major concern!

Minyaan Foundation decided to visit one of the nearby BPL school, the GHP, Hulumavu, Bangalore, Karnataka
on 17th November, 2021.

The team members along with Minyaan Foundation founder visited the place and met all the kids in the school.
MF gifted them stationary items and chocolates. The overwhelming and enthusiastic nature of the children
obliged MF to think of revisiting and make the children more potential.

It was really a pleasant moment!