Schools to reopen – Urgent or not!

COVID 19 third wave is expected in October and reopening of schools has become a bone of strife. A number of schools started their higher classes but discussions still on for the possibility of schools for primary and upper primary.

As per the doctors and health workers across the globe appears to be in favour of reopening of the schools. Countries like France AND Netherlands closed the schools only for a very brief period of time. In India the Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Mr. Balram Bhargava on July 20th stated that it might be good to reopen the primary schools before secondary ones. This is because he says young children can handle Virus attacks much better than adults. He added that considering the service staff, they need to be get vaccinated soon. The sero-surveys reveal that more than 50% of the children have antibodies against the Corona Virus, indicating that they have already been infected at some point without significant symptoms.

Scientists suggest that it is safe for children to go to school provided the teachers and support staff are vaccinated.

On the other side many teachers and parents are concerned now about the online mode of teaching and the principals are willing to open their schools.

As per the third wave circulation and the wrong facts on social media and Whatsapp added the concern of parents as they are not sure now what would be the outcome sending their children to school. They are also worried as most of the children started wearing specs now a days!

Experts, educators and scientific advisors, all agree that the reopening of the schools is a must. It now remains to be seen what the government finally decide.

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