Nelamangala Bangalore – First Community Visit by Minyaan Foundation

Minyaan Foundation’s first Community visit planned in 17th of January, 2021 and we had selected one poor village in Nelamangala which is a remote area unknown to many. The impact was huge as we thought of understanding them and their need!

The villagers were very happy to see us and we got overwhelmed with their native song sung by all the ladies. The youth present were very ambitious, study oriented but, few due to their family issues preferred to get some job. The small kids were looking into what gifts will they receive from us! It was really a pleasant morning and the interaction level was so high that we decided to visit them again with some solutions.

Minyaan wrapped up the day with the distribution of stationary items upon which the demand was more for few study materials which we assured them with a promise to visit again. The snapshot defines the happiness and joy we all shared in those few moments to make it a memorable day!!

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