Nelamangala Bangalore – Second Community Visit by Minyaan Foundation

Minyaan Foundation visited Nelamangala again in 2021 to keep the promise and help them with Cloths and Vitamin tablets and ofcourse with few job offers!

Covid and lockdown issues affected many and no doubt footfall was very less infact, few were not able to walk because of post Covid 19 after effects! We also have observed untrained youth with high expectations! The need of the hour is to train them, make them aware about the situation as people are losing job due to Covid. We were planning for another grooming session to motivate them for Agriculture related Government schemes.

Though the footfall was very less, those who were present were delighted to see us. We could see a ray of hope on their face, which was overwhelming, and would touch your heart!

We thought of winding up the meeting with an assurance to few families by taking their medical reports and to revert with required action.

MF visited NIMHANS in Bangalore with the reports. For one of the kid, the Neurologist suggested there was no cure for the disease mentioned, the boy will live few more years! This was the moment we were afraid, on how to communicate this to the anxious parents!!

We managed to solidify and vigorous task with the help of an Asha worker, and thank God that the message was transferred very politely without severe damage!

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