De-Addiction Session at GJBS School Kandanad, Kerala

As drug usage in adolescent population carries a higher risk in schools, our visit to schools in Kerala influenced not only the child but their parents as well.

MF recently attended a De-Addiction session during September, 2022, in one of the schools in Kerala. The session was phenomenal and all the parents were amazingly influential with the pointed realities, which has to get implemented both at home and outside. Kids were cautioned with the strangers and their varied behaviour, as a learning.

MF will think again about this school and will plan more for the betterment of the students.

It was nice to see the teachers and HM along with the parents. Minyaan concluded the session with a vote of thanks by the HM of the school. During this whole time, Director Mr. T Haridasan Nair was actively motivating the crowd.

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